Planet Cruise

An international travel agent who specialise in bespoke, tailored packages directed towards customers looking for something extra special; from cruising, land and rail tours to skiing and snowboarding.

Planet was transitioning to a more digital customer focus, however, a large chunk of their sales was generated from the traditional brochure method. The idea was to appeal to a mass audience; not only the loyal, older customers that were likely to make a yearly purchase but also draw in younger and more adventurous customers. We redesigned all of the direct mail to be far more visually striking and evoke the 'escapist' notion that sits deep within every one of us.

Graphic Design, Publication Design, Layout Design, Icon Design, Typography, Marketing.

Author: Amy.


Luxury Mockup 3
Luxury Mockup 3B Copy
Luxury Mockup 2
Asia Mockup
Bespoke Mockup Crop
Bespoke Mockup
Luxury Mockup
Luxury Mockup Crop 2
Luxury Mockup Crop