Well established hard rock band still boogying from the days of 1976, Predatur have an incredibly loyal fan base and a rich history. With a fresh new line up, they were on a mission to make the record front man Baz Barry had always wanted to make. "We had to pick a direction. We chose backwards. It's not old school. It's the only school".

Weidenhaus is a very personal and nostalgic album, and the artwork had to reflect that. Staying true to the Predatur aesthetic and allowing the music and photographs to speak for themselves, the gatefold LP and accompanying eight-page booklet were designed in simple black and white; beautifully framing and displaying a truly intimate, creative process.

Art Direction, Publication Design, Layout Design, Album Artwork, Typography.

Author: Amy.

A4 Booklet Mockup
A4 Booklet Mockup Inside
A4 Booklet Mockup Inside Crop 1
A4 Booklet Mockup Inside Crop 2
Vinyl Mockup
Vinyl Mockup Crop 1
Vinyl Mockup Crop 2