Rethink Dyslexia

An assessment organisation passionate about identifying and removing barriers to learning, and promoting a deeper understanding of skills. Rethink Dyslexia aims to identify strengths and champion difference; encouraging people to rethink what they can achieve with dyslexia.

Given the audience and subject matter, legibility and simplicity were the most important elements when designing Rethink Dyslexia's marketing material and company stationary. Metropolis, a typeface designed for maximum readability at any size, was used across the board with well considered paragraphing and leading. The company colours were used to generate a 3-colour gradient, representing a merge of information that people with dyslexia often experience, whilst also adding visual interest.

Branding, Layout Design, Publication Design, Typography.

Author: Amy.

Rd Trifold Mockup Outer Front
Rd Trifold Mockup Outer Front Crop
Rd Trifold Mockup Outer
Rd Trifold Mockup Inner Fold
Rd Trifold Mockup Inner Fold Crop
Rd Trifold Mockup Inner
Rd Trifold Mockup Inner Crop2
Rd Trifold Mockup Inner Crop
Rd Business Card Both
Rd Business Card Vack Crop
Rd Business Card Front Crop